Real time Microsoft Forms results in Excel Worksheet

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I want to use Microsoft forms for an invoice in excel. I have made the invoice, which automatically collects data from the Excel table opened with Microsoft Forms, but when a new response has been filled in, the table used for the invoice is not updated. Does anyone know if it is possible to automatically add new Forms responses to an Excel table, or to obtain the data in another way?


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Suzanne Kepel

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When you open the the Form in Microsoft Forms, you have 2 tabs at the top >> Click on the Responses Tab.MS Forms.png

in the Upper right side there is an option saying: Open in Excel

If your excel file is saved in the clouds (oneDrive) then it updates to include new responses.

If you click on the elipses, there is an option to print the responses or delete them.

Hope that helps

Nabil Mourad


I saved it on OneDrive, but when I fill in a new response, it isn't added to the existing Excel..
Do you know what the problem might be?

Thanks already for the help


Hi Suzanne

I assume you started creating your survey in Microsoft Forms and you try to view responses in Excel.

try to initially create your survey by using Forms in Excel Online: Insert Tab of the Ribbon >> Survey (or Form) and go from There.
Save the File in the clouds
Test responses

Hope that helps
Nabil Mourad

My Excel online doesn't display a survey button in the insert tab. I have a paid 365 account. do I need to enable something. thanks


"Survey" button is gone long ago, use "Forms" button instead


@Sergei Baklan thank you for your response. My problem is that the Forms button does not show in the insert tab. Consequently, Excel does not populate in real-time


That's in Excel Online. You open/create new file on SharePoint site / OneDrive, open it in Excel Online, insert Forms and create survey using Forms, all responses will be collected here. Once it synced with Forms you may open it in desktop version if that's more suitable.

Just in case, that's quite old announcement of this functionality Forms for Excel, new experience for Excel survey in Office 365 - Microsoft Tech Community


@Sergei Baklan 

Sorry, but I do not see the option "forms" in Excel online. What am I doing wrong?



- you are Office365 subscriber; and

- you are on business or educational subscription; and

- your Excel file is saved on SharePoint site / OneDrive


when it shall be Forms in Insert section of the ribbon menu.