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How can I delete a "read only" file?  (it is Excel).  My Excel stopped responding while I was working on a spreadsheet. I ended up rebooting my computer and when I went to open the file after my computer restarted, it came up as a "read only" file.  I was able to save a copy with another name, but I cannot find a way to delete the "ready only" file. If I try to rename it, move it or delete it (even when it isn't opened), I get a message saying it can't be done because the file is open in Microsoft.  

  So how can I delete it or remove the "read only" status?

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@Robert Hart 

How can I delete a read-only file? (it's Excel).

By first unlocking the workbook and then deleting it.


Here is the first Gordian knot, in order to unlock this on your PC,

you must first try to unlock the file via VBA.

If that doesn't work out, the second Gordian knot comes in (even if there has only been one in history). Because then a trusted technician would have to remotely service you

or you would bring the PC to the workshop.


But first you would have to see the file to confirm that it is a password-protected file and not one in OneDrive or SharePoint.


Or it could even be infected with a virus.

However the first step is to mount the file, if possible, to see what the problem may be.



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Turns out all I needed to do was Modify my Office Suite to update Microsoft Office.

I am pleased that you were able to fix the problem yourself.
I also wish you a lot of fun with Excel.

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