Rather Complicated Array Analysis

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I would like to take the names listed in a column range, and search for them by row, in a separate array area.

For every row that included every name in the list, I would like to average a numerical value listed down another column, but only in the rows which match the initial list of names.


I have included a screenshot, of a small file showing what I am trying to accomplish, with some more description.


Any Help is Greatly Appreciated,

Kyle P.



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What result do you expect for reference dataset? Can you put your desired result manually so that we can make it by formula. Also explain logic to get that desired result.

I am trying to have excel search for names in array C12:C16.
Then, based on those names, search the array G12:J16 (by ROW).

Any rows containing ALL of the names from C12:C16, would then have their corresponding test scores averaged.

Test scores are located in array M12:M16.
In the photo above, we would be looking for the average of 74 and 89, as those are the only two rows (in G12:J16) containing both “Rachel” and “Melissa” (the names found in C12:C16).

I am not sure if this can be done with formulas alone, we may need a helper column or two. I am just learning about the more complicated formulas, such as Index Matching, and Array Formulas, so I’m not sure what they can do with some good layout design.

Hopefully this description helps.
Thank You,
-Kyle P.

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This will do it.


First, we pair down the study group to eliminate blanks:


 Next, determine which rows have all matches.  XMATCH is run against the row where unique values are found so a name appearing twice won't cause a false positive.


Fold it into a small formula:

Thank You,
That's quite the formula. I'm not even sure how you folded it down, to be honest. It returned the right value until I typed "Bill" into the 3rd cell in the Names section (C14). then the cell would only compute the response #NAME?
It sounds like you don't have 365 and access to those functions. When you pressed enter the sheet re-calculated and the formula broke.

@Patrick2788 , that is true, I do not have 365 yet. I didn’t even know it had formula functions the one-time purchase doesn’t.

If I sign up, am I able to copy and paste the formula, and adjust the ranges as needed?

The “fold down” part of re-writing the code is a new concept in excel for me.

Thank You, by the way. If this functionality can work smoothly for me, it’s a game changer.



You can try this formula which returns the expected results in my sheet. Enter the formula with ctrl+shift+enter if you don't work with Office365 or 2021.


What is your expected result if there are 5 different names in the study group? The formula returns an error because 5 different names from the study group can never appear in 4 passed test cells for one day. With IFERROR you can return an individual message instead of an error message in this case.


Another expected error is returned if the names in the study group aren't found in any single row of the passed test matrix.


study group.JPG



Yes, you could adjust the named ranges to accommodate the actual data.


If 365 is not an option, you can use @Quadruple_Pawn 's solution.

Thank you both, options and information are always welcome. This is my first time using some of these functions, and there's some great info to learn from here.

So, the number of options in the study group, will always match the number of columns in the passed test section. As for the different name errors, I am using data validation to limit selections.
That should take care of the two errors.

@Patrick2788 I have upgraded to 365, and done the Un-install/re-install process. But the formula still says “#Name” when I add a name to the study group section (C12:C16).

It stays that way no matter what I do, including ctr+z.

If this is a home copy of 365, you might want to go to File | Account in Excel and switch to the Beta Insider channel. A quick update may follow.

So I signed in and reset again, and it is sort of working now. But as seen in the attached file, it does not compute the average properly after names are added or taken away from the Passed Test cells. The ranges seem good though.