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My spreadsheet has a list of club members in one column on the left and calculates each member's scores for the season, in rows horizontally adding their total score to a column on the right.

In a column to the right of their total score, I have a Ranking Column.

The problem is that if I have duplicate scores (which will happen) the identical scores are given the same rank but then the next number in the sequence skips a number. Please take a look at the second image.

Could some kind person with more skills in this area than me, please post the command that will actually achieve the output I require, I would be most grateful.

Many thanks


Membership scores spreadsheet.



Result I require

Result I Require.jpg

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My approach is to use XMATCH but first pull unique values and then sort in descending order.


=LET(sorted, SORT(UNIQUE(score), , -1), XMATCH(score, sorted))




Hi Patrick, what do you mean by Pull Unique Values?

Apologies for my lack of understanding, do I need to enter any cell info into the command line, I am guessing not as your example just seems to work based on "score".


Thank you for your help thus far.




I've included some steps in this copy.


Thank you Patrick
When I try to extract the scores using the =UNIQUE(score) command I am getting #NAME?
I think my totals are in a table as the header has an ascending descending arrow will this make a difference?
My sample uses named items such as 'score' and 'student'. You'd have to update the formula to include your ranges.
Many thanks, I am sure that I will get it to work based on your assistance.
Much appreciated