Random selection for raffle winners

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I am running an online event where I will have a list of raffle purchasers. I have seen in previous settings where excel has the functionality to run a program to select a winner randomly. One can see the program scrolling through all the names and then eventually landing on a winner. 


Can someone tell me how to run such a program?

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I think the question is if one person can win more than once with the *same* ticket versus winning more than once on a different ticket.

If you were drawing numbers out of a hat, are you putting the number that was drawn back in the hat?

If they can win more than once on the same ticket, then I think 5 sets of 1 number would be correct. If they cannot win more than once on the same ticket, then I think 1 set of 5 unique numbers would be correct.

@JMB17 Thankyou for being so quick to respond. 

Each ticket is unique and a person can buy multiple tickets.

Therefore 1 set of 5 numbers is the way to go.

JMB you have been wonderful. Not sure if against the rules but can you tell me your first name. If so I can publicly recognise you for your input. I don't even know if you are in Australia, but if you are, you will know about the Melbourne Cup.




I'm glad you have it sorted out and good luck with your event!