/r/excel wrote a formula. Idk how to read nor implement it

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To automate anki flashcard 

Have a list of image file names in 1 column.

I will enter captions for each image file, but some have multiple images & no captions.
1 row exported = 1 flashcard.
Filenames to go in Image columns

e.g. 3 images no captions, 4th image has caption. Formula for: if caption in a row, Fill image names up to the image3 column.


Keep pulling from list until exhausted


Image ListImage 1Caption 1Img2Cap2Img3Cap3etc


the answer: 

"filled to the right. To see how it works replace the last name i with earlier names."


^ what is the meaning, earlier names?..
which cell do I put formula in
what is the error it's throwing? 


Srry would upload a template but there's no option?  

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