"Sorry, we couldn't open... "error opening excel file in Desktop app from Teams

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Hoping someone can help me resolve this one quickly!


I'm trying to open a file from Teams on the Desktop Excel App.


I can edit it no problem in Teams and in a browser BUT I need to open in the App as it contains protected formulas.


When I try to open in the App I get the "Sorry, we couldn't open..." error followed by the "*The file name or path does not exist. *The file is being used by another program. *the workbook you are trying to save has the same name as the currently open workbook."


There are multiple users who can view and edit the files from the Teams group - I've seen that this could be happening because another user is viewing it which is why I can't open or edit on the App but still able to edit online.


How do I,  a) tell who has it open, and,  b) stop this from happening in the future?


Excel is on the most recent update.

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I have the issue and I've tried several possible things - still unresolved.

I believe this is tied to "file in use - another user editting" but have not confirmed yet. There was a similar problem back in 2016 timeframe that was resolved with a patch - this might be something that has been reintroduced. Like you this has only appeared recently

I found a resolution to my issue:
found the issue - tied to PCMover "cloning"
Have to clear OfficeFileCache - in my users case the version was 16.0 and not 15.0

Close all Office applications.
Navigate to: %systemDrive%\Users\%userprofile%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Office\15.0\OfficeFileCache\
Clear all the files in this directory [It’s okay, if you cannot delete one or two files]