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As of this morning, I am having major problems accessing the Excel Power Query function. The 2 symptoms I’m experiencing are:

  1. Try to create a new or edit an existing query generates an error message "Unexpected error: Something went wrong"
  2. Try to create a new or edit an existing query loads a blank screen that freezes Excel and forces me to have to kill the app via Task Manager (I’ve tried leaving it alone but it doesn’t timeout or generate an error).


I've tried Googling but to no avail, would appreciate some assistance please.




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Hi Pete,


I have such situation if two (or more) Excel files with Power Query, more exactly with queries within them, are opened. However, never been if only one Excel is opened.


With few files the only workaround I know is to open each new file in new instance.

Thanks Sergei, it's happening whether I open one file or many I'm afraid

With only one file opened never seen such error, not sure what that could be