"Santiago del Estero" province doesn't appear on the Office 365 maps Graphics

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I'm trying to make a dynamic dashboard and I'm using the automatic maps graphics. I have one sheet with differents provinces of Argentina and quantities and an auto map graphic linked to that.

But, when I add Santiago del Estero Province to the sheet, Office 365 by mistake believes that it's related to Santiago de Chile (Chile's Capital) and that's wrong. 

Please help me to report that mistake in order to solve this problem with the automatic map suite of Argentina. Thanks and kind regards!

PS: I'm attaching a print screen with the wrong city circled and the arrow points to the real location of "Santiago del Estero" (argentinian province)

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You may report any issue to Microsoft from Help->Feedback or open support ticket. There are practically no other ways.


If you share your file perhaps someone here could help. Based on screenshot only it's hard to say something concrete.