"Read-Only" Workbook Copied and Saved-As Keeps Prompting Read-Only Message - How to Stop?

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 I have an Excel workbook that is password protected so it can only be opened as "Read Only".  Users are instructed to open the document as "Read-only" and then "Save as" so they can use the document as their own document.


After renaming, saving as, closing the document and then reopening the document, the user is the prompted with the message stating "The author would like you to open 'Name of document' as read-only unless you need to make changes. Open as read-only?.... Yes-No-Cancel"


Is there a way to eliminate this secondary message?


It seems once a document has been saved as a new document, that prompt should no longer appear.

It's very confusing to people.


Thank you


 Excel 2016  (16.0.8431.2110)

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Check your settings in backstage:  Files > Info > Protect Workbook

Thank you for responding, but I'm not sure what I should be looking for to address the issue.


What settings should I have to eliminate this issue?