"Legal" paper size is not listed as an option on my MS Excel, or Word

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Hey!  I wanted to print a document on legal size paper, but when I went to change the paper size from "letter" to "legal" in the page layout, there was no "legal" size offered.  I then went to MS Word to see if I could change the file to a MS Word file and print on legal size paper, but to no avail, the "legal" option was not listed under the paper size.


It went from "Letter" to "Executive" with no "legal" in between or anywhere in the options tab.

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Try this:

  1. Open Windows Settings and find Printers
  2. Click on "Print server properties"
  3. In this dialog, you can add Legal (if it isn't there):
  4. Now open your printer to see if it is available to choose from.