"Insert table" option while connecting with Power BI dataset

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As per the update on August 23, 2023, excel was supposed to have new option of "Insert table" while connecting with Power BI dataset. Currently, it is able to connect option "Insert PivotTable" and not the other option "Insert table". Does anyone know how to activate that option or is it not rolled out yet for any one ?
The screenshot is attached and here is the blog link:



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Perhaps availability depends on channel. I use it on Current channel, don't remember any additional setting are required, If Insert PivotTable worked before you shall have all proper settings for the Insert Table.

Yes, so Insert PivotTable option does work but "Insert table" option is not appearing as per screenshot shared. Can you please elaborate "Current channel" and are you able to view this option on your desktop ?


I'm on


and I have both



Thanks Sergi. I can see my version is 2308 and whereas yours is 2312. So may be it needs to update with this version.