"IF" Statement Strange behavior

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Hi there,

I've come across this issue, all of a sudden this morning an "IF" statement turned turtle. which was working until last night.

I'm using excel 365 online version on windows 10. I appreciate any help, Thanks in Advance 

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@capri01 The screenshot doesn't reveal what exactly is in the two cells that you are comparing. Could be a rounding error in the 14th or 15th decimal. That happens sometimes.

@capri01 Hi, have you checked if there is some difference in both the 31000s. I mean the image you have shared does not show decimals. Try to elaborate the cell content by increasing decimal values to each of those figures. See my attachment, although both looks same there is some point difference which puts "Error" in the formula cell. I hope this helps.

the difference was in the 10th decimal. but since we are not using any decimals. it really startled me. (All our inputs are rounded figures not a single division or a %age I am still wondering where did .0000000001 came from? Anyhow I have rounded it up for the time being.. I will investigate more .
a big thanks to you and Riny_van_Eekelen