"IF" or conditional formatting


I have E46 name formatted to a value of three. I want to get E47 to be the formula of D47 multiplied by the E46 name format of three but only if D47 is a negative number AND D48 is a positive number. I have had slight success in getting it to work for an IF formatting if I choose one of the cells as the value but can not figure out how to have both values as a qualifier. I'm sure if someone can answer this my next question should be simple. Cell D46 will be a negative but I want the answer in E46 to be a positive number (It's points for a contest where that factor is better if it is a negative in D46 but I will be using the same name formatting in E46 to multiply another factor that will be a positive number. If I need to add other cells to format and reference I will be happy to do that I just need to know the way to get the initial "IF" formatting  


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I don't know what do you mean under "name format of three", but the idea of the formula

=IF( (D47<0)*(D48>0), "cslculation here", "no result")