"if" function for math equations

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hello! i need to solve this math equation using the function "if" in excel. is there any way i can do it?

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You may use Goal Seek (Data->What-If-Analysis) for that



Are we missing some information?


What does a=0 and b=1 have to do with the solution?  My guess:  a <= x <= b?


Why do you require an IF formula?  Are you supposed to use Iterative calculation?  LAMBDA?


There are 3 solutions.  See the image below.


I used Solver to find the solutions in A3 and A4.  I wrote my own function to find the solution in A2.  (PS: But Goal Seek finds a close solution.)


The formula for f(x) in B2 is:


=A2^3 - 3*A2 + 1


The values of x are:


A2: -1.87938524157182

A3: 0.347296355333864

A4: 1.53208888623792


x^3 formula.jpg