"Filter" or "IF" function?


Hey there,


I have created a pricing configurator for a project I am working on. 


The pricelist uses the "XLOOKUP" function to search for specific prices based on the user input as it should without any issues... finally!


Now, the configurator tool looks up the pricelist within the GBP catalogue or dataset. The GBP catalogue is in the same workbook as the configurator tool, across 5 different sheets (depending on the options selected).


Is there any way I can say create a cell on the main configurator page with a drop down for both GBP and USD? At the moment, it is only set up to look in the one, GBP catalogue, but I would also need pricing in USD on occasion.


The GBP and USD catalogues are both identical other than of course the pricing. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated.   

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You may use XLOOKUP for them, like

=XLOOKUP( currency, IF( currency="GBP", GBPcatalogueA, USDcatalogueA), IF( currency="GBP", GBPcatalogueB, USDcatalogueB) )