"adfdi-excel-addin-installer" is not working

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Hi Team, 

I have installed "adfdi-excel-addin-installer" but not able to seen this add-in while using excel. Please help to fix this issue. 




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At times your users might encounter issues with Office Add-ins that you develop. For example, an add-in fails to load or is inaccessible. Use the information in this article to help resolve common issues that your users encounter with your Office Add-in.

Troubleshoot user errors with Office Add-ins


When you attempt to install an Office Add-in from the Office Store you receive the following error:

We can't start this app because it isn't set up properly?

"We can't start this app..." error installing an Office add-in


Hope I could help you with these information / links.



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If you ran the ADFdi installer successfully but the add-in does not load in Excel, please use the ADFdi client health check tool to find the problem. https://support.oracle.com/knowledge/Middleware/2010222_1.html

@AlexD-Oracle Alex it  is not possible to download  the .exe executable application . Could  please share  link  the executable?

Yes. It is available. Please re-read the article and follow the links to the download page.