Quetion related to convert text into number

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Hello Everyone,

In below images the Sales column is in Text format. So how to convert Text format into Number format with the help of formula?

Screenshot (381).png

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If your computer is running an US's system this should do the trick:



If you use other national settings its easiest to use powerQuery (guessing the translation )

Data->fetsh an transform->from table/intervall


Hmmm, where are the national settings? They used to be there


How i will do that with the help of power query? Please explain

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select a cell in your "data table" and go to:

Data->Get & Transform->Table/Range

This is from the microsoft page linked below. Bold text = my guessing of relevant settings

  1. Right-click a query column.
  2. Click Change Type > Using Locale.
  3. In the Change Type with Locale dialog box:
  4. To change the destination data type, select a Data Type. (?Accounting?)
    To change the locale, select a Locale. (US.-EN)
  5. Click OK.

If the preview looks ok [Close & load].

Expand: Use a non-default locale setting on a Change Type operation

@Zan_Hanifee Try this:

Select column B

Ctrl-H (Find & Replace)

Find: $

Replace with: leave blank

Press "Replace all"





Thank you sir so much sir

Thank you so much sir