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Hello Everyone,

This is my data

like - 

Screenshot (5348).png


After sorting, it will come like this - 

Screenshot (5349).png


I want to come like this :

Person 1, Person 3, Person 4, Person 5, Person 101

So, what should i write formula which sort in ascending order Person 1, Person 3, Person 4, Person 5, Person 101?


Please help..??

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Strings (letter series) are sorted as strings, that is, alphabetically. I see two solutions:
- using leading 0 in the number
Person 001, Person 002 etc
- or use just numbers (without "Person ")
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Thank you for giving a solution sir.
Can you please explain example please?


In your example "Person 1" is in cell A2. You can manually enter "1" in cell B2 and then flashfill range B2:B6. Flashfill can be done by pressing ctrl+E when cursor is in cell B3 in this example. 

Then you can apply sort of range A2:B6 in ascending order by column B as shown in attached pdf file.

I don't know what else I can explain...
You gave

Person 1
Person 3
Person 101
Person 4
Person 5

Make that
Person 001
Person 003
Person 101
Person 004
Person 005