Question related to Remove Duplicate with the help of VBA code

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Hello Everyone,

I have a data like - 

Screenshot (2986).png


In event id row some id are repeated.

So, In above image, At A8 there is event id 85612 but in A9 also event id is 85612.

so i want to delete the entire row(Blank row) in this sheet. And Many repeated blank row is there. So, i want to remove with the help of VBA code.


So, what VBA code should i write?


Please help...???





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@Excel Consider Power Query. no need for VBA. Connect to the data, promote headers and filter out "null" from the 2nd column, close and load back to Excel.

Can you please explain with the help of a Screenshot? Please

@Excel Screenshots are quite meaningless in this context. Can you upload a file with the first 25 rows or so?

Sir! We can do like this -
1st step - On the Home tab, in the Editing group, click Find & Select.
2nd step - Click Go To Special.
3rd step - Select Blanks and click OK. Then, Excel selects the blank cells.
4th step - On the Home tab, in the Cells group, click Delete.
5th step - Click Delete Sheet Rows

Is this correct?

@Excel Yeah! that seems to work as well.


Thank you so much sir for helping and motivate me