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I came up with a "form" in Excel where my manager will need to complete fields and those fields will populate to an assessment created in Excel.  I want the form to be in its own tab so all she needs to do to access the form is click the tab titled, let's call it, "Member Information Entry".  I am able to create the form...I am able to see that tab created...however, when I save and close the file, then the next day I open the file, the tab I created for the form is no longer there.  How do I get Excel to populate this new tab each time this specific file is opened?  I want this to work as seamlessly for her where all she needs to do is open the Excel File, gather her information, input the information, then save. To help save her time, is my ultimate role and for me to teach her how to create this tab each time she opens the file, not only is tedious and unnecessary, it also defeats the purpose of making her job makes it more complicated for a simple task.  I appreciate any help any of you can lend.

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Is it possible that you share the file?

@PascalKTeam Thank you for your response.  No, the file is not a shared file.  It is a document I am creating in Excel for my manager to do an assessment on the work performed by her subordinate branch managers. I am the author of the form, and she will be the user.  I am in the beginning stages of development of the document.  I am working on a computer that is what they called a "virtual station" though. 

Sorry, my question was if you could share the file with us here in the community. Would make it easier to help

@PascalKTeam sure.  It is attached.  Please keep in mind that yesterday when I built the "form" in the "table" function, I did establish a new Tab in the Ribbon and that tab was there.  Then, after saving and closing and going home for the night, when I reopened the file this morning, the tab I established in the Options "Customize Ribbon" menu was no longer there.

OK now i understand what you mean with "Form" and "Tab"...
When you say "Tab" you mean a custom Tab in the menu ribbon.
I guess this custom ribbon disappearing over night has something to do with you working on a virtual machine. Your settings might be deleted each night or you might be connected to a different virtual machine.
You should probably speak to someone in the IT department as this is not an Excel issue.

But if the custom button in the ribbon is only there to open a specific file, why don't you just create a link to that file and send that link to your manager.
Thank you...I was thinking the same.