Question: Open Recovered Workbooks

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Using Excel for Mac v16.6 - I just returned to my laptop to find an open workbook that I was working on a few hours ago now has a message in a banner across the top of it that reads:

"Open recovered workbooks? Your recent changes were saved. Do you want to continue working where you left off? Yes or No"

Three messages posing as one message with a simple "yes or no" prompt. Hmmm...I'm sure these three messages are related but how they relate to one another is not clear to me. So before I click "Yes" or "No" I was hoping to get clarity on just what Excel is trying to tell me / ask me, and how that will affect my open workbook which I've spent many long days and longer nights creating.

Message One:

"Open recovered workbooks?" Seeing this on a workbook that is already open makes me wonder if the open workbook is the same as when I stepped away from it a few hours ago the "recovered workbook" the most recent version? If so then is there something wrong with the workbook that is currently open display this this message? 

Message Two:

"Your recent changes were saved." Does this mean the recent changes were saved to this open workbook or...does it mean they were saved to the "recovered workbook"? 

Message Three:

"Do you want to continue working where you left off?" I always want to continue where I left off but would that be  in the open workbook I'm looking at now or a "recovered worksheet" saved somewhere else?

Yes or No:

So what happens if I click of "yes"? What happens if I click on "no"?


Thanks for your help.



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how do i get rid of this message when i open excel: 

open recovered workbooks?  Your recent changes were saved.

Do you want to continue working where you left off?

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