Question about saving the scales of a graph in excel

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I am currently working on a project on excel. Basically, my excel sheet contains a graph and a macro called macro1().


The steps i should follow during my procedures are as follow ( i cannot change them) : 

Step 1: Run the macro1() 

Step 2: Look at the graph and decide whether the minimum and maximum scales of the graph should be changed. If yes, change the scales manually. I do this  using one of your graph properties "Format Axis" where i manually enter the values i want for the minimum and the maximum scale. 

Step 3: After changing the values of the scales, run macro1() once again.


However, the issue appears here. After completing step3, if i look back at the chart i see that the values that i manually entered in step2 are not there anymore and are reset to their original value.


Is there a way to make sure the values i enter in step2 remain on the graph even after running the macro once again?


I felt like this is a weird issue because if i do the exact same steps on another workbook i work on, i am not having this issue, the values are being saved. I am only having trouble with one particular workbook.


Thank you so much for your help :) 

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I'd say depends on your macro. What does it contain?
It is a macro running one big sub
Well, yes and if that sub fiddles with the chart, it might cause what you describe.