Question about excel function - IFS and MAX

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Hello friends, I would like to ask you about few questions, I am not a pro user, I think four experienced users it´s easy to repair functions.


I would like to ask you about functions in

* F1 - I would like to extract name of month from source shett (zdroje) based on value in A6. But it´s moody, it worked once, but I am unable to persuade to work it again.

* U8 - I would like to count days of month - count average amount of night shifts (2 persons in one shift simultaneously) per person.


Thank you a lot for help, Tomas!AqJkwwewlmv2gfcdHkYJTPqnHaMiwA?e=sYU96k 

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The question is adressed to sheet ´´1´´


Cell F1 has been formatted as Text. Format it as General, then press F2 and Enter to force Excel to calculate it again.

I don't understand what you want for U8.


Cells F1 and Q4 are formatted as text. Cells A7:A37 return text so MAX(A7:A37) ignores text and returns 0.

I also changed some of the formulas.

However the formulas in column F makes no sense as they don't refer to any cell on sheet 1.

Same goes for the columns K:M.