Question about adding bullets to one cell in excel.

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I am currently struggling with heavy workloads of adding bullets to one cell in excel given that the bullet point text is already written. I wonder to know that if there is any better solution in dealing with. Thank you in advance.




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In Excel, you can add bullets to a cell by using a combination of the CHAR function and manual entry. Here is a step-by-step guide:


1. Enter Bullet Symbol:

Select the cell where you want to add the bullet point.

Press Alt + Enter to start a new line within the cell.

Type =CHAR(149) to insert a bullet point (•).

Press Enter. You will now have a bullet point in the cell.


2. Repeat for Additional Bullets:

If you have multiple bullet points, repeat the process on new lines within the same cell.


=CHAR(149) Bullet Point 1

=CHAR(149) Bullet Point 2

=CHAR(149) Bullet Point 3

Each line will start with a bullet point.


3. Adjust Formatting:

You can adjust the formatting of the text and bullets using the Excel formatting options.

This method allows you to add bullets without using the bulleted list feature, which is more commonly found in word processors. While it may not be as intuitive, it gives you control over the appearance of the bullets in a single cell.


Alternatively, you can consider using Microsoft Word or another word processing tool if your content includes more extensive formatting needs. After formatting the content in Word, you can take a screenshot or copy-paste it into an Excel cell. Keep in mind that the latter method might be less flexible for editing within Excel. The text and steps were edited with the help of AI.


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Hope this will help you.

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IMHO, custom format is the easiest way if you need to insert at least few bullets. Once done the rest is with format painter.  Detailed instructions are here How to insert bullet points in Excel in 8 different ways (