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Hello Everyone, 


I am looking to enhance my monthly budget and enter in my charges for the month and tag those payments as certain categories (groceries, movies, shopping, subscriptions, etc). Once tagged, I would like to sum the total of those categories and enter them into my monthly budget. The goal is moving forward to have a set of categories that can be assigned to data and have it automatically populate into my monthly budget based on the tag.


Please help ?


Here is a attached file

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On row 4 enter this:


and copy down.



Hello Sir,

i want to count how many TRUE or FALSE are there ?

When i use COUNTIF function in F14, then it shows 0.


Please help..


Here is a attached file

@Excel Remove the quotation marks surrounding when using the words True and False. Then it will work.

But, I changed your formulas a bit. Also those in H:I, as you don't need an IF function when you want to return either TRUE or FALSE. In stead of:


you can just use




Thank you very much sir.



Hello Sir,
I have a table on which I want to apply certain conditional formatting based on which it will show me the cells in a certain color if the condition is true.

In the below dataset, I want "Need to Check" to be highlighted in Red and "All Good" in Green. The dataset is dynamic i.e. the 'New Packet No' and 'Old Packet No' will change values from time to time.

Please suggest how can I achieve the same.


Here is a attached file...

@Excel You can select Column F. Then on the Home ribbon select Conditional Formatting, Highlight Cells Rules, Equal To... and set the relevant wording and choose the format. Repeat for each of the criteria.


For the future, may I suggest that you open a new thread for each new question, unless when it is related to the existing tread. Now we have three unrelated issues, all in on thread.