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Hello Everyone,


Here's the context: data is filled into a spreadsheet every day. I want to have it so in the end of it, all that has to be done is update the text in a cell, and the 'database' argument in DCOUNTA changes.


More concretely (screenshot above): I have defined the names "August11" to A1:E6 and "August12" to A10:E16. I want to set it up in a way that if the text value in H4 changes from August11 to August12, the range in the DCOUNTA in I4 changes from =DCOUNTA(August11,...) to =DCOUNTA(August12,...) based on that input.

There would be more data involved, so instead of having to update the range in multiple DCOUNTA formulas, changing the text in that one cell would refresh all of them at once.


Please help..??


Here is a attached file

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