Query a spreadsheet and then display a directory of photos

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I have a spreadsheet and I want to be able to query it and then show the file directory relevant to the result of the query

e.g. search the spreadsheet for sunsets in Wales and the result would show a link to the Windows directory that contains photos of sunsets in Wales.

Has anyone done anything similar or have some ideas to achieve this?


I have office 365

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@Linreading Interesting question. You say "I want to be able to query it". Do you mean to filter data from a table where a comment field may contain your search key, or do you want to connect, with Power Query, to a file directory with pictures that have file names that may contain the search key?


Hi Thanks for your question.

I have a spreadsheet with thousands of rows of information (but only about 8 columns). I intend to put a frontsheet that will allow someone to pick a from a set of queries that will already be set up, just as an example:

 1.Query how many photos of sunsets are there in the dataset

( have aloready got this query)

and then either depending on which might be possible

Would you like to see the files that contain photos of sunsets in Wales

or would you like to see the images of photos of sunsets in Wales



@Linreading Could you upload an example with say 50 rows of data (not thousands) and a set of "queries" that could work on those 50. Expect it to be difficult to open and viewing files. though. That would probably require VBA, which isn't my favourite subject.