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I have been looking for a setting to control this.  I don't use the queries & connections pane.  Maybe I don't understand the deep purpose but I know it opens to the right every time I download a csv file and I have to close it manually because it obscures my work area.  How can I keep it closed or minimized unless I need it?


I have 365

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@EaztWezt You are looking  at a window that controls Power Query. Probably one of the best features of Excel. When you import a CSV file, you do that with Power Query by default, if you do not explicitly choose to use the Legacy text wizard. Once the import is done, the Q&C sidebar opens automatically, so that you can do more magic with the data. If that's not your need, just close the sidebar. It's one click. Don't think you can switch it off by default, though I never thought of searching for such an option. I want the sidebar to open most of the time when I'm working in a file with PQ.