Quarter and Years grouping and Pivot fields disappeared ?

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After the latest update (?), my existing pivots suddenly no longer have the "Quarter" and "Years" fields in the field list. When the pivots were created this grouping and the fields were created automatically.


The issue is that when I now do a Refresh-all (CTRL-Alt-F5) with existing data (without having added any new data), it all fails and the grouping is no longer there. I have tried to create a new Pivot with "Group" in Pivot Table Analysis, obviously using the same data tab as before, but this also doesn´t allow the grouping in Years / Quarters / Months - ref my attachments.



When I extract a new data set from the same source using CSV and directly in the opened CSV file - it all works beautifully, using the CSV file directly. The grouping in both columns and rows are automatically added to the field list - and it just works.


BUT when I use the exact same data set in my existing file, not only will the existing pivots fail (no groupings) but also creating a completely new pivot produces the inability to group both columns and rows.


It seems to be a problem in (my) excel, since CSV handles it perfectly ? Can anyone help with either a way to update the existing pivots (preferred :)) or at least a way to create this type of grouping in new pivots ?

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