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Dear all,

I am trying to make a qr code in excel that is the result of a concat of other cells. The trouble is i get a qr code for each character. I have used QR4office and that works fine, but i want to do it myself. I have downloaded the QRtfb font and am using that to format the destination cell of the qr code. Can someone tell me how to change my group of qr codes into one code that represents the cells text.

thanks in advance.

Graham Collett

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A font -by definition- always works per character. This means you will never be able to generate a QR code of multiple characters using a Font.
I have used it like this a year ago but don't remember the function to make the single qr code work. I thought someone else may know. There was a way of telling the cell to behave this way.

@Jan Karel PieterseI can understand your point now  ... it makes me now want to present the same question from the other point of view ... how can i make Excel present the cell's info to the font as a single peice of information rather than a bunch of characters joined together to make words.