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Wondering if there is a formula for this:


In Sheet 1 I have a list of names in column A. Some of these names appear once, and others are repeated multiple times. I would like a formula to copy these names ONLY ONCE (even if they appear multiple times) to Column A in Sheet 2. So essentially, every time a NEW name appears, it will be copied over to Column A in Sheet 2. I don't care what order they appear in once they're copied, they would just need to be put in the next open cell. 

Thanks for the help in advance!



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You could put the list on a blank worksheet and then go to Data tab, Data tools and use Remove duplicates. That will give you a list of each name

@michele1062 I should have mentioned that I want this to continually update as I add more names to sheet 1. It sounds like your fix would work one time but that I would need to redo the process every so often as more names are added. 

Is there a way to accomplish this as an ongoing process?