Push data from Microsoft excel to google sheet

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Hello All,


I come across bulk data in my field of work which I need to push FROM Microsoft Excel TO Google spreadsheet THROUGH Google forms. Can anyone help me in writing the code in Microsoft Excel VBA through which I can push the data from Microsoft Excel to Google Spreadsheet. I am not allowed to use any third party apps or any other coding interfaces. I can use Google API's. Thanks a lot for your help.

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I don't know if this site might be of help for you.


I was looking through the forums for looking for good ol' fashioned Help information for MS Excel because I know nothing about it -- or Google Sheets -- but have to write a ridiculously complicated research paper for a college class digging into comparing and contrasting their ease of use, formulas, functions, look, features, etc., etc., etc.
Anyways, I apologize that I don't have a direct answer for you.


Having just switched over from Google Sheets, I found a very lengthy and detailed, even perhaps a bit redundant in places, good ol' fashioned Help section regarding switching from one to the other and, if I read it right, even working on a file across both programs at the same time or side-by-side or simultaneously or something like that when working with a team, like remote from home, and people have varied computer OS and programs they work on.
It might help you find an answer. I haven't found much info on here about the 'rival' spreadsheets program