Pulling multiple data to auto fill in another worksheet

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I have a workbook that contains information for over 2500 locations.  I want to be able to enter a location number and hourly rates for three types of workers, and the result will be payroll information for that location (I already have that form set up for the calculations).  I just need a summary tab that will be able to handle multiple locations and add up their payroll figures.  Some entities will have only one location but others could have up to 25 locations.  So if an entity has three locations, it would be:  enter location 1 and the payroll numbers are put on a worksheet.  Enter location 2 and the payroll numbers are put under location 1's numbers and they are totaled.  Enter the third location, and the payroll numbers for location 3 go under location 2 and a new total line is calculated for the three locations.  Thanks!

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