Pulling Max out of Multiple Columns and Providing Cell with Max Value

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We are currently using a Form to populate a Smartsheet that contains the SKUs selected by the customer for bidding and that customer's bid for that particular SKU.   We are exporting this into Excel to do the analysis of the highest bids as it is not feasible to do this in Smartsheet.


For our analysis, we need to be able to look at each individual SKU to determine what the highest bid placed by the customers is. After determining what the highest bid is per SKU, we need to pull in the Customer Name that has this bid. We included a screenshot with examples of two SKUs. However, our actual data is quite large as we have 313 SKUs and some customers place up to 100 bids. We have tried various combinations of INDEX/MATCH, and we have not had any success.


Any information you can provide is extremely appreciated! 

Screenshot 2024-03-07 152540.png


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Hi @LFaj10 


With Power Query:



Info. you didn't provide: which Customer Name(s) should be reported when 2 (or more) SKUs have the same Max Amount (i.e. AW1-123 in above sample). Current version of the query reports the 1st Customer Name (this can be adjusted to report > 1 Customer Name)