pulling data from a cell number

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hi, i am looking for some help in excel. i have a table and in this table it confirms which of our advisers has a form for a client and which don't have a form. i want to know if there is a way for me to click on the number that doesn't have the form and this will bring up the list of clients without.

this way it'll essential create a hit list of clients to get a form filled out.

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I'm quite sure that what you're looking for is readily accomplished. However, your description has enough ambiguity in it--the structure of the table itself, for example, is not clear--that I hesitate to suggest a solution.

Is it possible for you to change all the names, so no confidential information is released, and post a copy. If it's a huge table with many, many names, at least a sample of what the columns are and a reasonable facsimile of it, again with fake names.