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I'm a golfer and I'm trying to track the average distance to the hole sorted by the club. Basically, I think I need an equation that goes something like, if column S matches column H, in column T for it to show the average of column E when the value of column C is 1.

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In T3:


=IFERROR(AVERAGEIFS(tblPutts[Length],tblPutts[Club on approach],S3,tblPutts[Putt],1),"")


Fill down.

Thank you

@Hans Vogelaar 


What if I wanted to track hit/missed greens?


See attached.


Can you explain what exactly you want, for someone who doesn't know anything about golf?

Oops! I thought everyone played golf

I want column R to produce an average of columns I and H but only if the value in columns H or I are the same as column S. That make sense?

So if the number is column H it means I hit the green (positive). If the number is column I it means I missed the green (negative). I'd like column R to produce the average of those two columns when the value is the same as whats in column S.

I think I explained that correctly but lmk if its still confusing. Thank you so so much.

So if the

@riosborne Does the Putt column still come into this?

And do you mean the average of column E when I or H matches S? The average of I and H appears strange to me since they contain the values that occur in S...

@Hans Vogelaar 

I think we can ignore the putt column, but I may not be inputting values in a way that is possible to produce the desired outcome.  


What I want in column R is an average using columns H and I as "yes or no" values, respectively. For example in line 3, with the number 60 in column S, I want every time that the number 60 shows up in column I or H for it to produce a percentage where column H is a yes, and column I is a no. That possible?


Make sure you are looking at the most recently updated doc.



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Try this in R3:


=IFERROR(COUNTIF(tblPutts[Club on approach],S3)/COUNTIF(tblPutts[[Club on approach]:[Miss Green?]],S3),"")


Format R3 as a percentage, then fill down.

you're a genius! Thank you! Hans, I will take you golfing whenever you decide to take up the greatest game in the world