Protecting an Excel workbook

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I am using Excel 97-2003 and thus far have been able to protect (Encrypt with password) a workbook with a password, but this option only gives me access to the document.

I need to protect the document with a password to prevent accidental changes from other viewers, but need to provide them with a read only option.

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@Ruben2011  In Excel under the REVIEW tab you can find 'Protect Sheet' and 'Protect Workbook' which may help or under Save As there is a 'More Options ...' that pops up a Save As box and then to the left of the Save button there is a Tools drop down and select General Options.  In that popup box there are options to add a PW to open and a PW to modify.  If you only add PW to modify then anyone can open but not make changes.  

@mtarler Going through the save as box is what I needed to protect the document, but yet allow others to read it.

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As Mr. mtarler already informed you, you can do this with the command "Protect workbook". But with Excel you have several possibilities to accomplish something, depending on your needs and knowledge. One of these possibilities is also VBA. Here is additional information about what Mr. mtarler has already described and with VBA macro as an example.

Protect a worksheet

Protect a workbook


Sub protection ()

     ActiveSheet.Protect Password: = "Password Name", UserInterfaceOnly: = True, DrawingObjects: = True, Contents: = True, Scenarios: = True

End Sub


Sub unprotection ()

ActiveSheet.Unprotect Password: = "Password Name"

End Sub


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