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Good evening folks,

New here, I would like some assistance in determining how I can remove the protection on a workbook that I placed by mistake.   Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.   Thanks.

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If without VBA within the workbook, try to upload on Google sheets and when download back as Excel workbook. Quite often that works.


There are several methods of opening a file. One is secured that Mr. Baklan has already posted to you.

Here are two more methods.

If you still cannot open the file, send it to me via private message and depending on the file I will try to help you ... only Mr. Baklan's method and mine do not work.


Method 1:

Change the Excel file to a ZIP folder. That's how it's done:

Right click on the Excel file, click on Rename, delete the text "xlsx" at the end of the file name and type in zip. Make sure you keep the period between the filename and "zip". Press ↵ Enter, then press Yes.


Extract the ZIP folder (varies by operating system): Right-click the ZIP folder, click Extract all in the drop-down menu, then click Extract. The extracted folder should open.

If for some reason the extracted folder didn't open, first double-click the normal folder with the same name as the ZIP folder.


Method 2:

Click with the right mouse button on the sheet whose protection you want to remove (e.g. "Sheet1"), go to Open with in the drop-down menu and click on Notepad in the pop-out that appears.


Remove the password protection code. Find the area "sheetProtection" between the brackets "<>", then delete everything from "<sheetProtection" to the closing bracket ("/>") on the other side of the sheet protection algorithm.

Save your changes and close the text editor.


Open your Excel sheet. Double-click the Excel sheet, then edit it as needed.


If you get an error message that the Excel spreadsheet is damaged, you probably deleted additional code when you tried to remove the password protection algorithm. Repeat the steps above, making sure that you only remove the text between the brackets (</>) and the brackets themselves.


If that doesn't help, as I said ... by private message.


I would be happy to know if I could help.



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