PropsSI error formula

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I try to use this : =@PropsSI("C", "T", G2, "P", H2, "water")

Nous avons rencontré une erreur dans cette formule.


Je ne vois pas d'où viens le problème?




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What do you normally use as the argument separator?
Try this: Type =@propssi( and then press shift+F3 to open the formula wizard. Now place the arguments in the boxes.


Do you use comma as decimal separator? If so, try


=PropsSI("C"; "T"; G2, "P"; H2; "water")


(PropsSI is not a built-in Excel function; it is provided by the CoolProp add-in)

@Motte_Robin Google tells me PropsSI is a Python function from the CoolProp library and you are supposed to enter the text arguments with single quote marks, not double quotes. But then again, I'm not a Python expert, so I may have misunderstood.