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 I’m not sure what the best option would be best to meet my needs on a patient tracker excel spreadsheet.  Each column has name, ID number, date referred, date evaluated and other info.  In the diagnostic column, can the row be copied into another tab with the diagnosis?  For example, I add AS in the diagnostic cell, and it copies the row to an another tab for tracking AS patients.  I have a list of diagnostics that need to be complete before procedure and need to have a reminder or sent to my outlook calendar.  My volume is increasing where I have 288 patients that I am manually tracking.  I created a table so I can at least filter diagnosis and/ or referring physician.  Any advice would be much appreciated.

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The Worksheet_change event in the "Database" sheet in the attached sample file copies a row to the designated sheet if either "AS" or "XY" is entered in a cell in range E2:E26. This could be similar to what you are looking for if i correctly understand what you want to do.


If you work with a recent version of Excel you can alternatively apply the FILTER function.