Profit/Loss per Day Calendar

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Hi All, 

I am looking for formula for these 2 items. 

1. Want total Profit/Loss per date in Calendar (E.g. Total Profit on 02 Feb 2022 was -90.65). 
2. If Profit Cell to be Green, If Loss cell to be Red 
Link to Excel Sheet. 




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Could you attach a sample workbook with some dummy data and a calendar, or make it available through OneDrive/Google Drive/Dropbox/...?


for colour use..

Use a formula to apply conditional formatting in Excel for Mac


to show the amount use the formula

(set in each cell/calendar day)





In the attached version, I have created the formulas and conditional formatting for February.

Thanks Hans

If is add more rows to "Profit Loss" sheet i will have to renter the formula in the calendar every time. Is there a way to automate the process than me typing formula every time?


You can replace $64 (which refers to the last data row on the Profit Loss sheet) with $10000 in one go using the Replace dialog (Ctrl+H).

That way you can fill up to 10000 rows with data.