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Hi there.

I am hoping to make the task of updating inventory easier and faster for my website. 

I have my product inventory list in  CSV file and I also have one from my supplier. The issue I have is that they have 1000+ products and I am only selling about 90 of them. I have tried to Advanced Filter based on alphabetically sorted SKUs and the problem is that if I need for example AA110 the filtering will also list AA1100, AA1101, AA1102, AA110X etc 

So my question is, is there a way to only filter for specific values or is there a better way to achieve what I am trying than Advance Filtering?

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On your criteria type the following. It will force to only filter what is exactly equal to your criteria.


Thank you for your message @Juliano-Petrukio 


My criteria field looks like this: $G$1:$G$92 and contains 91 values where should I type your suggestion?

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The final result of each of your product/criteria is "=" signal before the product name.

As you are using advanced filter you need to identify the criteria column, meaning that your product code will start on G2 instead of G1 because on G1 is the column name (Same as your main list).


I suggest you instead type each value, you create an auxiliary column with the following formula

="="&G2 and extend this to all your products column code. Then copy and paste special where you are keeping your criteria interval.

Or if you want to keep your product codes without the "=" signal you just put in a separate sheet and use a formula to get the "=" signal. Sheet2 A2:A92.


Thank you