Problems with scrolling tables

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Hello, please I need some help here.


When I create a Scrolling Table, I use the offset function to generate/show the info on the table, and it works perfectly, it shows the data from the source in the way that is supposed to be...

But the problem starts when I Insert a new Line of data on the source, then, it doesn't show me the new information, there is something else that I have to do?

Thank you for the answers 

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@Georgepc22 I found an example on line that uses a scroll bar and OFFSET. 


That's probably what you are trying to use as well. Since you mention to have Office365, use a structured table in combination with a spinner (or scroll bar) and the FILTER function. Then, the filtered data range will expand automatically and you don't get the zero's like when using the OFFSET function when you set the maximum number beyond the current size of the data set. See attached, in Sheet1. The other sheets are from the on-line source.

Thank you Mr. Riny van Eekelen, helps a lot working with the structured table. the FILTER function is very good too.