Problems dowloading excel files from online

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Hi, the last few weeks have been unable to download excel files from online sources.  This is happening across different websites and different browsers.  The file sits in the downloading queue.


When I check the download folder I can see the excel file sitting there, but as soon as I try and open it, it effectively crashes the computer.


I don't have this problem on another computer I sometimes use.


Just wondering if anybody else has the same problem and knows of a fix.

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Hi @drew_piva,


Try uninstalling your browser and reinstall the same.


Regards, Faraz Shaikh | MCT, MIE, MOS Master, Excel Expert

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Sorry @Faraz Shaikh 

I tried removing and reinstalling all browsers.  Problem still happening.

Found a work around. By right clicking the excel file in the Downloads folder and selecting Move to OneDrive, I can then open the excel file without my computer freezing and having to restart.

Recent upgrades (not sure whether its Microsoft upgrades or the online software updating their product) are allowing me to again open most excel downloads.
Hi Drew_Piva,
I think the problem is related to the MS Office application. You should repair the MS Office from the Control panel.
You can check this blog: