Problemas con Excel al exportar gráficas incompletas a PowerPoint y Word

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Tengo tres problemas con el Office 365: en sistema operativo MAC, Big Sur 11.6

1) No me cambia al idioma que pongo como determinado.

2) Me pide que solicite permiso para vincular los gráficos de Excel a Power Point, siendo que todos los archivos son de mi propiedad

3) Al exportar gráficas de Excel a Powerpoint o Word, e incluso hacer una copia en el mismo Excel, el gráfico pasa incompleto: por ejemplo no pone los nombres de la variable en la gráfica y cambia el eje se las X por números en secuencia iniciando en 1, pero lo que tenía este eje eran años. Ya he visto que esto le pasa a otros usuarios. El espacio de asistencia de Microsoft me recomendó venir a este espacio.

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My message has 24 hours and I have not had any response, I will put my message in English to see if I can get an answer to my problem.
I have three problems with Office 365 that need to be corrected by Microsoft, it is not trivial and it greatly affects my productivity and efficiency of my activities.
1) It does not change me to the language that I put as determined.
2) It asks me to request permission to link the Excel charts to Power Point, since all the files are my property.
3) When exporting graphs from Excel to Powerpoint or Word, and even making a copy in the same Excel, the graph is incomplete: for example, it does not put the names of the variable in the graph and changes the axis from the X to numbers in sequence starting at 1, but what this axis had was years. I have already seen this happen to other users. The Microsoft support space recommended me to come to this space.