Problem with writing VBA macro

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I am working on a set of stock control cards (68 individual cards) which have inputs in column “B” for the Quantity Sold and column “C” for the date sold. The quantity and dates are to be picked up from cells “P1” for the Quantity and “Q1” for the date.

The stock card to be selected for the input comes from cell “R7” This cell gives the item number (ie. The card number to have an entry made)

The existing macro below selects the right stock card numbered in range “R7” and places the cursor on the first entry row in column “B”

I now want to enter the quantity sold and the date in the next empty cell down.

HOWEVER no matter what I try I cannot get the cursor to move beyond Worksheets("Nail Cards").Range("C2:C4012").Find(Range("R7").Value).Offset(8, -1).Select.


The following last part of the macro is what I thought would input the data into the appropriate cells but does not appear to activate


Lrow = Worksheets("Nail Cards").Range("B" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row + 1

Worksheets("Nail Cards").Range("B" & Lrow & ":C" & Lrow) = Worksheets("Nail Cards").Range("P1:Q1").Value


End Sub

My apologies but I am new at VBA macros and will no doubt be overlooking something obvious.

I hope that this clarifies things better


Arnold Smailes (Arnie)






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