Problem with VLOOKUP

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Dear all, Would like to get help on vlookup command, as shown in photo attached. The command in right-hand-side excel docs has not return the value from H column (activity description) in left-hand-side excel document, rather it just seems to show the formula as text only. Can anyone advice how to fix the vlookup in the right-hand-side excel? Appreciate any help..thank you. Regards.

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You must have executed the "show formulas" command. Try Ctrl+`. The Grave Accent (`) is located at the left of 1 on the keyboard.

@TwifooThanks a million for your response, and it worked haha! I am not really expert with excel yet, but is the solution readily available in the help section? Or this shall come through experience and by asking around in forums? When I encountered this, I was not sure what to search in the help section! Thanks again :)

The problem is obvious. Your cells are showing formulas instead of results. You just didn't know how to hide formulas and show results. But now you know! If you press the same keyboard shortcut again, The formulas will show instead of results.