Problem with option button cell linking

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I have a bunch of activex radio button/option buttons in my excel spreadsheet form. Each of the button is cell link to a to an unique cell (e..g, button 1 to b1, button 2 to b2, button 2 to b3,etc).


For some unknown reasons that I can't figure out,  if I set the button 1 to cell link to b1, then cell button 3 to b3, the cell link value for button 1 would change to b3. 


It is like somehow the button 1 and button 3 are connected, if I change the cell link value in one it would change in the other button. This a problem that I have with most of the buttons. If I change the cell link value in button 2, the cell link value would change in button 1. If I change button 3, it would also change button 1,etc,etc.

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@chun8143 Option buttons are indeed "connected". Only one can be selected unless you put every single one inside a Group box. But then you are affectively creating Check boxes.


Just agreeing with @Riny_van_Eekelen.  What you describe is an essential characteristic of an option control.  In essence, it allows the user to provide an answer to a multi-choice question.  Multiple option buttons are required for the user to provide the answer to a single question and only one button can be set at a time.


Another question requires a new group box and a separate set of buttons,