Problem with IF formula

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I am trying to get column S to list pickup days if columns N, O, P, Q, R have a value in them. My formula =IF(N2<>"","M, ",IF(O2<>"","T, ",IF(P2<>"","W, ",IF(Q2<>"","H, ",IF(R2<>"","F, ",""))))) is only returning the first value. Cell S2 should say M, W, and cell S6 should say T, F, for example



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With Office 365 or Excel for the web you can apply this formula.


@mkglen I have never seen the IF statement used that way, but here is a solution that nests if statements inside of the CONCAT function. =CONCAT(IF(N2<>"","M, ",""),IF(O2<>"","T, ",""),IF(P2<>"","W, ",""),IF(Q2<>"","TH, ",""),IF(R2<>"","F",""))



For non web or 365 users you could shorten this to
I am using Excel 2016 so I had to use CONCATENATE but that worked. Thank you!